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I am a freelance designer, project manager and entrepreneur that loves to travel.  I recently returned from living a year abroad in Jujuy, Argentina where I tried to perfect my Spanish and learn about a different culture.  Now I am a wanderer, figuring out my next destination with no real solid plans.  When I think I have something interesting to say about my travel and life experiences I share them on this blog.  I started this blog in August, 2008 when I first moved to Jujuy.

I am constantly dabbling in new things that peak my interest so I may update this page with new blogs, videos or other things I have created/discovered.  For now, you can also follow me on the following social media networks:

Facebook (I may or may not add you, depending on your personal message to me).


The Encounter is a short film I made for an Independent Study in college.  The process is stop-motion animation using paper and an overhead projector.  The story is true and if you know me you know that this video probably explains why I am the way I am.

I helped translate two videos into Spanish that explain the Paleo/Primal Blueprint Lifestyle.  The videos can be found here and here in Spanish and here in English. (credit to Methuselah of PayNowLiveLater for creating the videos).

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hey autumn, so i signed up for wordpress…and i dont know how to follow people….i swear, for someone that is on the computer all day, youd think id be able to use it without asking everyone all the time for help……how did you get your etsy site on ur page??

Comment by ashley

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